Berlin Rosen, a public relations consulting firm that represents the Fight for movement and numerous working families that would be affected, declined to comment on Clinton’s remarks when reached by the Guardian. People selected for KnowledgePanel who didn’t otherwise have access to the Internet were provided access at no cost to them.

The drop in Clinton’s numbers extends into the Democratic Party.

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton unveiled her brand-new Market Basket strategy yesterday, using the discount local grocer to not only slam former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush but rail against big corporations in an effort to attract much-needed progressives to her campaign. “We have a lot of work to do”.

A survey commissioned this month by a pro-Republican group showed that Democratic party presidential frontliner Hillary Clinton would lose by a single-digit percentage to a generic Republican presidential nominee in six swing states if the elections were held today.

She said Iran posed a “grave threat” to Israel and that the USA ally would need to be confident that it would be able to defend itself.

“Hillary is fine with me”, the former senator and secretary of state responded.

From his vantage point, Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann said the Democratic nomination contest is “almost like a caucus when you have an incumbent president”. This would be especially true if she made a serious investment in expanding our green energy sector, which is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the global economy. She also mirrored the president’s rhetoric in asking what they would propose as an alternative.

“I think he’s pretty darned with this assessment and ways of dealing with it”, Iowa resident Tom Leffler said.

She said the choice between her proposed economic policy and that of her opponents is not “left or right”, but “forward or backward”. Though she began with a short version of her stump speech and tacked on a proposal to offer tax credits to companies that share profits with their employees that her campaign announced Thursday, she let the conversation go where the voters in the room wanted it to go, which didn’t include profit sharing.

Goldie Taylor acknowledged that the 2008 campaign threw up some painful moments between Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton on one side, and President Obama and his supporters in the black community on the other.

Her Town Hall ran about an hour and a half. Among Democrats, too, Obama is more popular than Clinton, 82 percent to 70 percent. Perhaps with that in mind, Clinton took several opportunities to portray herself as a pragmatic leader more interested in solving problems than scoring ideological points.

Blumenauer said Clinton talked about the history of the Iran deal and events leading up to it and “why it puts us in a potentially stronger position”.

Forty-seven percent of voters overall said Congress should continue to investigate her handling of the September 11, 2012, terrorist attack on a USA consulate in Benghazi that claimed the lives of four Americans, while 49 percent said Congress should move on. His second-place finish in New Hampshire revived his campaign on the way to the presidency.