The sector, America Leads, said benefactors reacted to the New Jersey governor’s “interest in bring it up like”.

Cox said the group would begin advertising in the Granite State on July 20, with an initial $1.1 million TV and digital ad buy.

Analysts say Christie has plenty of time before the primaries to increase his poll numbers, which are in the cellar compared with Republican front-runners Jeb Bush and Donald Trump.

“We set a goal of raising $15-$10 million by the end of the calendar year, with roughly one-third of that to be achieved by June 30, and we are now well on our way to hitting and exceeding that benchmark”, said Phil Cox, director of America Leads, in a statement.

The GOP presidential candidate was in Annapolis to receive an endorsement from Gov. Larry Hogan, whom Christie supported in the Maryland gubernatorial campaign past year.

President Obama has taken a hands-off approach to states that have legalized marijuana, such as Colorado, but Christie said he would reverse that unless Congress legalized marijuana for all 50 states.

Christie stumped for Hogan during his gubernatorial campaign, and Christie has been spotted wearing a bracelet supporting Hogan’s battle against non-Hodgkins lymphoma, a form of cancer.

“I would not be governor Maryland if it were not for this guy right here”, Hogan said.

Criminal justice reform is not a new topic for Christie. He was also endorsed by Maine Gov. Paul LePage, whose campaign also received significant financial backing from the RGA.

Christie on Wednesday accused President Obama of lying in order to get approval of the negotiated agreement to limit Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for lifting sanctions.

Christie said the criminal justice system needs new ideas, asserting many long-held practices have proven to be failures. “That must end and it will end in a Christie Administration”, the presidential hopeful said.

“It’s not the same as being in the office, and I’m not out doing public things, but I was able to actually crank through some paperwork and make some decisions”, Hogan said of his hospital stay last month.