China is the biggest market for Tata Motors’ luxury brand Jaguar Land Rover (JLR).

The suspensions reduced liquidity in stock portfolios and exchange-traded funds, forcing some to suspend redemptions and making it difficult for banks to value derivatives based on mainland shares, known as “A” shares.

According to a survey published by the National Bureau of Statistics in April, the total number of rural people who choose to do work in sectors other than agriculture had grown to 274 million by the end of 2014, up 1.9 percent from the previous year.

– Bangkok slipped 0.13 percent, or 1.95 points, to 1,479.31. Chinese stocks account for just a small portion of most portfolios. Automobile exporters and manufacturers, especially Tata Motors, will feel the pinch as China was its fastest growing market, especially for JLR, and the company was investing in the market to drive future growth.

– Wellington rose 0.96 percent or 55.08 points to 5,805.96.

– Manila closed 0.27 percent, or 20.28 points, higher at 7,559.04.

The latest measure comes after policy makers banned large shareholders from selling stakes, ordered state-run institutions to buy equities and suspended initial public offerings to halt a rout that erased nearly $5.4 trillion.

The Chinese market is divided into “A-shares” which only domestic Chinese investors can buy in order to protect local companies from outside influences, while H-shares can be bought through the Hong Kong market.

Bharat Heavy Electricals gained 2.02 percent to 285.40 rupees while HDFC Bank slumped 2.46 percent to 1327.10 rupees. New Zealand certainly looks safer than most markets.

“If A-shares are seen as the carrier of the Chinese dream, then it has enormous investment opportunities”, it said as the Shanghai Composite hit the aforementioned 4,000-point level. This new bull market was not a random event but rather one driven by improving fundamentals helped by significant economic and social reforms.

Typically when a country announces an economic growth figure better than analysts are expecting, its stock market rallies.

The sell-off came to an end last week after the government unveiled a series of strict rules to avert a crash.

United States ECONOMY: Investors will turn their attention to the USA ECONOMY as Janet Yellen, chair of the Federal Reserve, is scheduled to deliver the central bank’s mid-year economic outlook to the House Financial Services Committee later in the day. We think the problem for China is more complex since its real estate market also represents a bubble, fueled by easy access to credit and heightened focus on investment; this makes the recent moves being taken by the Chinese government as counter-productive to its long-term goal of curbing excess credit in the market. The question is “whether the onshore stock market has bottomed”.

It was the strongest dose of market manipulation since the Chinese stock exchanges opened a quarter century ago, and, unsurprisingly, it worked, after a fashion.

Even investors who haven’t sought out worldwide stock funds likely have Chinese stocks.

Futures on equity gauges from Japan to Hong Kong climbed in most recent trading, while contracts on the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index were little changed by 8.12am in Tokyo after the index neared a record-high yesterday.

Fitch said the sharp fall in stock prices and the authorities’ reaction showed how the market was relatively underdeveloped.