Abdulazeez was pronounced dead on the scene and is still unclear whether Abdulazeez killed himself or was fatally shot during the stand off with police.

Federal authorities were looking into the possibility it was an act of terrorism but said there was no evidence yet that anyone else was involved.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) identified the shooter as Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, who was also killed in a firefight with the police.

In a background briefing for reporters, a Defense official said chatter from terror cells had increased after the Islamic State group called for attacks during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, but that none of the chatter had mentioned military recruiting centers.

“They’re still trying to come to terms with it all”, Leydon said of Sullivan’s family.

Authorities were having a thorough investigation to resolve the case.

Abdulazeez attended high school in a Chattanooga suburb and graduated from the University of Tennessee with an engineering degree.

Abdulazeez was arrested in April for allegedly driving under the influence.

“He was very outgoing”, said Javid, a 21-year-old senior at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

One of the Marines who was inside a Chattanooga recruitment center when a gunman unleashed a barrage of gunfire said military training took over after the first gunshot was heard Thursday morning. The bullets smashed through windows and sent service members scrambling for cover.

Three military personnel were injured in the attack along with one police officer who was released from the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Mayor Dominic Sarno identified the Marine as Sgt.

John Sullivan, the owner of Nathan Bill’s Bar and Restaurant in Springfield, changed his Facebook profile picture to a split shot of his smiling brother in uniform and a black ribbon over the Marines Corps logo.

Investigators will not disclose the names of the Marines killed in the shooting.

Multiple law enforcement sources said the shooter was deceased after the attacks at a Navy recruiting building and a Marine Reserve Center.

On Thursday a man driving a rented silver Ford Mustang convertible pulled up to a military recruitment center in Chattanooga, Tennessee and fired several shots.

Although authorities have only said Abdulazeez was armed with “numerous weapons“, Donohue said the “rate of fire was pretty high”. Comey, Obama said: “We don’t know yet all the details, but we know that it appears that a lone gunman carried out these attacks”. He says those forces will always be a bit vulnerable because the centers need to be open and accessible to the public.

The Army recruiting office was not damaged, but doors and glass were damaged at the neighboring Air Force, Navy and Marine offices.

The New York Times, citing unnamed law enforcement officials, reported that Abdulazeez’s father had been placed under investigation years ago over possible ties to a foreign terrorist organisation.

“There’s no Marine you would want that was better in combat than him”, said friend Josh Parnell, of Chicago. “Is this really happening?” That’s where the four victims and the gunman were killed, Reinhold said.