The Power of Love singer has been married to the 73-year-old for 20 years. For Celine Dion, her year-long hiatus from a lucrative Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace was all about making the right choices in life.

But this time, her return is one of Angelil’s wish as well – to continue her passion for singing. She took a break from her work in August past year to focus on taking care of her husband who, she later revealed, needs to be fed through a tube. I understand. Let’s talk about it.’ And Rene says to me, ‘I want to die in your arms.’ OK, fine.

She recalled their discussion and said that she noticed that the Canadian manager looks scared. But now he really wants me there”, she said with peace in her voice, “He’s 100 percent about this and so am I.

My Heart Will Go On” hit maker’s comeback will be costing her time away from husband Rene Angelil who has been fighting against throat cancer for the past years. But René gave her a gift and allowed her to come back on stage.

“He’s been the leader of the band all my life”, she added.

“You get to hear my story and his story because we’re on TV, but people go through these things, and much worse, every day”, she said in one interview. I think I’ve got this.

‘When I see my house with these kids sprawled out on mattresses, with their stinky hockey smell and the dryers drying their equipment, the video games going, the open bags of chips, it makes me happy, ‘ she laughed.


The past months have been filled with many emotional conversations between Dion and the man she calls “the only boyfriend I’ve ever had”. “You’ll watch us from another spot”, as noted from Herald Sunday. She admitted that the disease left him so poorly that he is unable to swallow and eat.