For some, acting is a natural next step.

While Cara talked openly about her romance, the writer of the piece, Rob Haskell, paraphrased the model in one section, claiming that her family believe her bisexuality is nothing more than a phase. “Actresses do modelling jobs, so it’ll be kind of the same thing”, she told the magazine.

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Cara is set to star in Paper Towns, based on a John Green novel, author of the multi-million dollar box office blazer The Fault in Our Stars. Jane Sheffield, her maternal grandmother, was married to Sir Jocelyn Stevens, owner of a high-society magazine called Queen. Her mother, Pandora, was a 1980s socialite (and long-time heroin addict). But what does the model actually think about the fashion publication’s remark?

For now, she’s happy with St. Vincent.

Delevingne wound up developing psoriasis, a stress-related skin condition that is not exactly ideal for looking good at modeling gigs. The lack of romance in her life even has her close friends beginning to wonder what exactly is going on with her.

One of the most popular projects she’s filming right now is David Ayer’s DC Comics movie adaptation Suicide Squad, where she plays the evil Enchantress, to be released in 2016.

Not only does the new video highlight the relevance (and, though it goes without saying, sheer badassery) of Sam Bruno’s soundtrack song “Search Party”, but it also teaches us a keen little vocabulary lesson. “Everyone tried to typecast [me] as the dumb blonde model or the girl who gets killed”. She’s honing her acting talents and is promoting her first film as lead actress, “Paper Towns“.

Cara Delevingne says her bisexuality is not a phase. The reviews already out support that goal.

Jake also noticed these parallels, as he commented to the New York Times that Cara has lived a lot of Margo’s experiences.

Cara Delevingne has stepped up and courageously addressed the haters who think she is undeserving of her roles in the big screen.