The Pan American Sports Association says four athletes have been pulled from the worldwide competition after positive drug tests.

After 40 years, Peru makes the top 10 in the prestigious sport event.

The Peruvian delegation also says swimmer Mauricio Fiol has tested positive for steroids and has been suspended from the team.

Pan Am Games officials would not confirm the swimmer’s confession.

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As of Friday, PASO said 1,154 tests have been processed out of a total of the roughly 1,500 that were conducted, a rate it called similar to what is done at an Olympic Games, and the results were not alarming.

Mexican weightlifter Cynthya Vanessa Dominguez, Colombian baseball player Javier Jesus Ortiz Anguol and Puerto Rican baseball player Nelson Gomez were banned for using unnamed anabolic steroids while baseball player Mario Mercedes Castillo of Dominican Republic was tossed for using a banned stimulant. “I’ve always promoted fair play”.

Once an athlete fails a doping test, their National Olympic Committee is informed immediately and they have 48 hours to present any evidence to defend themselves and ask for a “B” sample to be opened.

“I do not understand what happened”.

In a statement Friday, the Peru team said, “We are profoundly sorry for the incident, which affects not only the athlete but all Peruvians”.

If that becomes official, Canada’s Alec Page would move up from fourth to be awarded the bronze medal and his teammate Zach Chetrat would be elevated from bronze to silver.

Eduardo De Rose, chair of PASO’s medical commission, said he was surprised at so many positive tests so early in the Games, which have reached their halfway point.

“But we are working here under the new regulation of WADA so the controls are much harder than the controls that we had (for the 2011 Pan Ams in) Guadalajara”.