A legal settlement between Selleck and the Calleguas district, which was formally approved on Wednesday by directors of the agency, will prevent Selleck from drawing water from the district for use on his ranch in the Hidden Valley area northwest of Los Angeles.

In a closed session, the board of directors of the Calleguas Municipal Water District accepted the settlement offer from Selleck, in which he agreed to pay $21,685.55 – the investigative costs incurred by the district – and to immediately stop having water from Calleguas delivered to his ranch.

The district sued the ‘Magnum P.I.’ star and his wife earlier this month after a private investigator determined water was being trucked from one of its hydrants to the Selleck ranch in Hidden Valley, just outside the district.

The board’s acting president, Thomas Slosson, said state and local law prohibits taking water outside a district’s boundaries.

Selleck, who’s especially for enjoying a Hawaii privately used investigator in the 1980s tv show “Magnum, P.I.”, has arranged to pay the district’s almost usd22,000 invoice to find a confidential…

‘Underpinning these laws is the concept of basic fairness, ‘ Slosson said, as mentioned by ABC.

The $21,000 covers the money spent for the private investigator.

Eric Bergh, manager of resources for the Calleguas water district, said in an email that Selleck could not have fully paid for the water because, since he is not a resident of the district, he avoided tax assessments and fees.

A construction company paid for the water, but city officials do not know whether a few was diverted out of the district, Spurgin said.

The county had already sent Selleck a cease-and-desist order, but after a private detective caught Selleck stealing water several more times Ventura filed suit.

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