Amy Schumer both wrote and stars in this wonderful blend of raunchiness and romance.

GQ declared Amy Schumer the “the funniest woman in the galaxy” when they released their cover and accompanying photo shoot for their August Comedy issue on Wednesday. “It was as simple as that”.

Schumer’s character, also named Amy, is a writer at a New York City-based men’s magazine that’s roughly in the Maxim mode. “I was very nervous – all the way to the point where they said, ‘Action.'”.

I don’t either. I think that’s probably why I was so calm around him. Aaron: “No, I hear you, I’m just saying I disagree”.

Talking led to idea for a screenplay. I feel like what she told me about her dating life was more interesting. She wants to explode rom-com clich├ęs and replace them with something fierce and ready to rumble.

And the script that never happened?

Apatow offered plenty of advice, she says. At the same time, from Schumer: “It was basically Mad Max”. You might not love her character at first, but “slowly, Schumer develops from parody-persona into an emotionally resonant character who managed to make me cry twice”, she writes. She’s unafraid and will say anything for a laugh, including riff on tampons, riff on condoms, riff on anything taboo.

The commentary said that the photo cover was like a reminder that despite how far the woman has come, even if she is successful and unabashed feminist, there is always someone who would put her back in place and put a finger in her mouth. “A lot of times the men are the more vulnerable”. I’ve dated people like that! So I go and do that and she breaks up with me.

That’s a feeling shared by many of Schumer’s costars in the film.

In the outdated rulebook of who we get to see on the big screen, leading ladies need to be likable – that tiresome, comedy-killing characteristic.

TMS: You said in the press notes that your character isn’t stupid, but she is less experienced than Amy.

Playing Conners, former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Bill Hader gives an unusually bland performance. [Laughs.] I just answer questions about Amy Schumer and Judd [Apatow]. Bayer notes: “She’s very generous”. The 34-year-old also commented on some of her photos in the magazine. Surprisingly, LeBron James add some truly comedic moments to the film, especially when he recites Kanye West’s Gold Digger lyrics to Aaron. The basketball superstar is the film’s unexpected secret weapon, delivering lines like, “Do you see his face when you look into clouds?” with the ease of a seasoned comic.

There is one long scene where Amy and her sister Kim (Brie Larson) clean out their father’s house. She went, “Great. Just play that”.