Quarterly campaign finance disclosures are trickling in, and early reports suggest that Jeb Bush’s campaign raised $11.4 million since he announced his candidacy.

“We are grateful for the overwhelming response from the thousands of donors who have been drawn to Jeb’s optimistic message of conservative renewal and reform”, Right to Rise said in a release.

That quick haul – a clip of $710,000 a day – is expected to be far less than the super PAC supporting Bush, for which the former Florida governor fundraised aggressively over the last six months.

In the wake of criticism against Jeb Bush for saying that struggling Americans should “work longer hours”, the Republican candidate said that his words were “taken out of context”.

Former US presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush joked about growing “long in the tooth” and expressed hopes for civility in the current presidential campaign as they spoke together at an event Thursday in Texas.

Bush formally launched his bid for the 2016 nomination on June 15, giving him just a 16-day window before the end of his first fundraising period.

Bush clarified his remarks in a statement, pointing out that more than 6.5 million people are stuck in part-time jobs.

Bush’s next closest competitor, in terms of a combined campaign and super PAC haul, is Sen. Bush is highlighting one of the most basic formulas in macroeconomics: In its most simplified form, a country’s economic output is the product of its number of workers times how many hours they work times how much they can produce in an hour.

Thanks to the more lenient regulations governing how much money they can take in and how they can spend it, PACs like Right to Rise are an increasingly critical part of the political landscape.

Rick Tyler, the national spokesman for Ted Cruz’s campaign also issued a statement. Contributions to the formal campaign are limited to checks of no more than $2,700 for the primary and general election.

Among Democrats, the party’s front-runner Hillary Clinton has raised the most, pulling in $45 million since April.

Ben Carson has raised $8.3 million from 151,000 donors and Carly Fiorina has raised $1.4 million while her super PAC raised $3.4 million. “Especially if it’s Jeb Bush, he will face the same problems that Mitt Romney had, being from a wealthy family and having all these connections”.

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