It is unclear why British military personnel were allowed to participate in such missions given the 2013 vote by British lawmakers against military action.

“That has been the case in Syria, although there are now no pilots operating in this region”, he said.

However officers embedded with other nations, including the USA, Canada and France, have taken part in strikes, according to human rights group Reprieve.

Lawmakers from the opposition Labour party were invited to a meeting of the National Security Council on Tuesday to be briefed on the U.K.’s response to IS in a move seen as preparing the ground for a vote in the House of Commons on airstrikes on Syria.

Britain has been providing limited support to coalition military action in Syria, carrying out refueling and surveillance operations over the country, the Telegraph reported.

“Isil poses a direct threat to the United Kingdom and to countries around the world”, he told the BBC.

“We have a long-standing embed programme with allies but there are now no pilots taking part in this region”.

The Ministry of Defence said any personnel embedded in foreign nations’ forces were effectively operating as troops of that country. Here we are learning that we have British military personnel engaged in airstrikes.

He argued that any military personnel conducting operations while embedded with other forces should be withdrawn. This is at the end of the day what parliamentary democracy is all about, regardless of the pros and cons of military intervention. I don’t think there is any attempt to try and flout British law to get around parliament’s restrictions on it.

“For us to be involved in this at this stage, without the sanction of the British people through Parliament and without proper thought being given to the way in which we nearly strengthen Isis by doing this, seems very wrong”.

“We come back to the vote. There are all sorts of questions that need to be answered and I’m not sure we’ve had those answers in Parliament”.

“Over many, many years, the process has been really effective”.