Breath of the Wild

When you think of The Legend of Zelda, you usually think about the adventures of Link, and how he has to save Hyrule, Termina, and various other lands from evils such as Ganon, Onyx, Ghirahim, Demise, and more. Key among these things though, is that you usually picture him alone. Apparently though, the upcoming Breath Of The Wild won’t do that.

This games straight from series Producer Eiji Aonuma, who stated this:

“In the trailer, you probably saw some characters and wondered who they are. These are companions who will help Link on his journey. And the support that you’ll see from these characters is not the usual kind, it’s a bit more mysterious.”

That’s a very interesting word choice for this, as “mysterious” means it likely won’t be a straight up team-up that you sometimes see in other games. But what could it mean?

Well, it could mean that in certain dungeons or locations, these “companions” will help you advance. Maybe by getting rid of obstacles, or pressing switches that Link can’t do on his own. And yet, that might fall under the “usual kind” that Aonuma was describing. So what could it be?

It’s hard to say, maybe they’ll be like Midna in Twilight Princess, where she is literally with you and helps you in numerous situations. But again, might that not fall under the “usual kind” that he was describing?

It’s hard to say, but with the numerous characters in the trailer above, and all of them apparently going to be “companions”, Breath Of The Wild just got a lot more interesting…and that’s saying something!

Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild releases on March 3rd for both Wii U and Nintendo Switch.