“People in New York are so rude, like, oh my god”, Brandy quipped in her best valley girl accent. “Nobody cares? Ok”, she said.

Perhaps she was inspired by singer Tyrese, who recently also took to the subway to promote his new independent album, “Black Rose”. Instead, the singer and actress – who is now starring as Roxie Hart on Broadway’s Chicago – got totally ignored!

Brandy went incognito – wearing a hoodie and shades – and belted out a few tunes, hoping to impress subway riders. You’ve (sic) fun-filled morning left me asking: Can a Sistah get ONE fan?!

And when it’s very clear her lovely performance of “Home” from The Wiz hasn’t registered, Brandy moves to call her mom for some support. “Like, I just sang from the heart”.

Turning to the camera, she took off her sunglasses and pretended to cry.

The star of the 1990s sitcom “Moesha” finally resorts to the sympathy card and tells her cameraman she’s “very emotional”.

We would have turned, but it is worth noting that people sing on subways ALL OF THE TIME.

“You have a whole city ready to embrace you”. “Ever since moving here in April I’ve made sure to REALLY experience the city”.

“I’ve hung out in Central Park, Times Square, ridden the bus, and I’ve gotten accustomed to taking the subway too”, she wrote.

“What y’all thought of that?” There’s something different about New York.

You’ve gotta see the Grammy victor fall flat.