Gearbox Software is best known for their outlandish and yet insanely deep and details Borderlands series. A series that fused shooters, RPG’s, and even co-op together in a fun way that fans can’t seem to get enough of. So much so that they’re wondering if the next game in the lineup, Borderlands 3, could arrive on the newest console on the block, the Nintendo Switch.

Now, before you comment about how “odd” a pairing this would be given Nintendo’s reputation for “family friendly titles”, do recall, they have had plenty of M rated games on their system. And the Switch? Already has Skyrim confirmed, a game series which has NEVER been on Nintendo plaforms before. So anything is possible.

However, whether it happens is another story. Because Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford was asked about Borderlands 3 coming to Switch, and he responded thusly:

“I do not see that as happening. We were talking to Nintendo, but that stopped for some reason. They have other priorities.”
Borderlands 3

No doubt “other priorities” meant the Switch. But the question now has to be asked, “why did Nintendo stop talking to them?” Could it be a simple timing issue, and they wanted to focus more on the Switch reveal and launch window? Did they simply not want to tie themselves to a game that doesn’t even have a release window? Or did they think that they already had a good 3rd party lineup for the Switch?

It’s hard to say, but, with the Nintendo Switch launch coming up, it’s very possible that Nintendo could reach out and talk with them again. Borderlands 3 would be a HUGE get for the Switch if they’re able to smooth things out. For now though? It’s looking unlikely that it’ll happen.

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