Before her eviction, Da’Vonne became the first Big Brother houseguest to figure out the Season 17 Twin Twist. Later on Devon tells Jason and they both celebrate, but know she needs at least five votes to keep her. Since she had put up two pawns (her words) Steve and Jason for eviction, Becky believes she won’t receive any retribution nor be seen as a threat. They didn’t get it. There are three summonses in the house, there clearly.

With ex- ally Jace gone, the tattooed wrestler is still hanging in and is still the head of the alternate faction of the house along with Liz/Julia, Vanessa and, perhaps, Audrey. The dethroned HoH for the week, Becky Burgess, was convinced the plan is to backdoor Audrey. Her target of Da’Vonne wasn’t seen as popular with the online BB fans, but the move strategically makes sense since trust had been severed between the two.

Jason, Clay, John and Audrey are the first four to vote. This could possibly be a discussion next week as to win the power, possibly making Audrey a target, or other houseguests. But he wasn’t having it. John told Shelli that if he stayed on the block, it would reveal their alliance. If Liz had been on the block when the twin twist broke, she’d probably be out there since it’s not really that trustworthy to lie to the whole house the entire time about how you’ve been changing clothes with your sister every time you go to the Diary Room. They have switched a total of seven times and it seems that their luck could be out. Da’Vonne snagged the lucky call from Clay, potentially giving her the power to save herself.

Shelli then explained her case to Becky.

Audrey lucked out with friend Shelli not once nominating her during her HOH reign and her bourgeoning bonds with Austin and Vanessa might rebuild her potential. Vanessa tells her people are on to them.

Shelli considered nominating Liz Nolan as a pawn because she wasn’t strongly aligned with anyone in the house. I’m going to call them by their real names, Liz is a lot slimmer than Julia. Do they really think they can hide Liz’s twin twist even though nearly half of the house is in on it? Austin Matelson told Shelli and Clay the same thing, which made the duo nervous.

Why was Da’Vonne able to bond with Jason so quickly?

Next Wednesday, watch to see who wins the Power of Veto. The power of the last laugh, this week’s twist, allowed one human being to pick three people who would not get the chance to vote in the eviction. I expected them to hate me ’cause I wanted Steve out and I wanted Audrey out, and I voiced that.

Johnny Mac got a taste of the block this week, being the unfortunate houseguest tasked with throwing the BotB comp to keep Da’Vonne’s nomination.

Then, girlfriend had the audacity to claim that Shelli and Clay didn’t get Audrey out because no one wants to be the first to vote out the show’s premiere transgender contestant. He threatened Audrey that if she didn’t cooperate, he’d go after her instead. Of course he’s condescending, Audrey. So Shelli named Meg as the renomination, hoping that everyone would save her over Da’Vonne. All of the phone calls hurl insults at the contestants prior to Da’Vonne getting the 7th one, and finds out she gets the vetos. Clay said he had love for Da’vonne and Jason said he would have been lost without her there.