The animal created havoc after getting into the premises.The bear made short work of two dozen pies, bags of cocoa and a bag of sugar at the Colorado Cherry Company in Lyons, a town of 2,000 people in Boulder County.

A hungry grizzly mounted a daring raid on a bakery, wolfing down 38 pies in the process.

‘He climbed back through the window with two pies and I found the boxes outside.’.

The bear managed to craftily avoid CCTV cameras – so his midnight feast was only discovered the morning after.

However, there was plenty of evidence: paw prints, bite marks and a trail of sugar.

The bear broke in by “climbing through the window that’s five feet above the ground” and located above the oven, said Ms Lehnert.

The damage was minimal, aside from the broken window. “Maybe he wasn’t feeling like a tart pie, I guess”, Kristi’s daughter Mikaela said.

He didn’t seem very fond of the strawberry and rhubarb flavour as the pies with that filling were left untouched.

She worries the bear might have enjoyed the pies so much that they will now have a repeat customer. The bear, who broke into the bakery on Tuesday, for some unusual reason stayed on the side of the room with all of the pies.

“Cherry and apple was his favorite”.