Though bail bonds of Ayyan Ali have been approved, the supermodel will have to spend one more night in the detention facility.

“But Ayyan had neither boarded a flight nor had the stamp of exit affixed to her passport”. But her career crashed down after the 21-year-old singer of “Making Dollars” was detained at Islamabad airport on March 14 with a case stuffed with hundred-dollar bills.

Ms Ali, who denies the charges, was granted bail by a Lahore court on Tuesday, and left prison on Thursday.

According to Samaa correspondent, Banking Court Judge Sabir Sultan accepted security bonds of the accused and signed her release orders when her lawyers pleaded for her immediate release. “The case is apparently also not of money laundering as claimed by the investigators”, the bench noted.

Ms Ali’s lawyer told AP news agency she would continue to attend court hearings as required. However, the prosecuting Custom attorney argued that clear evidence existed against Ayyan, since there was a restriction on carrying an excess of $10,000 outside Pakistan.

Ms Ali said the money was acquired legitimately from the proceeds of property sales and that she was unaware of the customs rules.