Australian unsafe boy Bernard Tomic was arrested final night time as a result of the partying tennis star refused to show down his music in a Miami South Beach hotel.

Police outside the W Hotel in South Beach, Miami where Bernard Tomic was arrested after telling officers to “relax” over noise complaints. Tennis Australia has apologised via a statement posted on its official website and said that it was simply a case of typographical error, but Tomic’s father thought it was unethical for Tennis Australia to allow such statement to be published and reportedly seeking legal advice about the matter.

While being hurried along by the officers, Tomic told them to “relax” which led to him being handcuffed and forcible ejected from the building.

“I’d like to think we’ve got the resources to help him, absolutely”, Masur said.

“I like him, and for me personally I will send Bernie a message”.

Australian Davis Cup captain Wally Masur said Friday he hoped to speak with Tomic soon.

Tomic lost to eventual Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic in the third round of Wimbledon earlier this month.

That he’s not is a effect of his latest – and most extraordinary – verbal serve at Tennis Australia, which prompted the 22-year-old’s banishment from the squad to play Kazakhstan at Marrara this weekend.

Yet, for all the public missteps, and silly young rich guy behaviour, the fact that the former teen prodigy is still among the top 25 players in a hugely competitive global sport prompts the question: just how good could he be if he just got everything right?

“My stance on this – and I’m a Tennis Australia employee – is that at some point we can sit down, hopefully the differences aren’t irreconcilable”, he said.

TA president Steven Healy admits he was “very worried” about the precocious talent.