Two armed thugs leap out of a auto and hijack a security van on a quiet suburban street in Johannesburg in these terrifying images caught on Google Street View.

The images were taken in February 2015 on Junction Road in an upmarket suburb of the Gauteng city, and captures the incident unfolding in broad daylight. The vehicle they are threatening belongs to an ADT private security guard. The full incident can be seen on Street View here.

But just yards away a guard employed by the very same security firm which owns the van appears not to a notice a thing as his colleague is forced to the side of the road at gunpoint in broad daylight. He is sitting facing an open door, but there appears to also be a window to his right, facing the direction of the armed robbery in progress at the time.

A spokesperson for the company told The Independent that Google Street View had captured a “bona fide” incident where an employee’s gun was stolen.

ADT vans drive around the local area and respond to calls from properties fitted with their alarms and security equipment. He said it was an “opportunistic crime where an ADT reaction officer was held at gunpoint by two criminals in Johannesburg”. No one was hurt but the officer’s weapon was taken.

Kotze said that the South African Police Services (SAPS) worked with ADT to investigate the incident, but there were no arrests made at the time.

“The Google Streetview pictures recently shared on social media and brought to the attention of ADT could possibly assist in furthering the investigation and will be looked into by SAPS and ADT”. The markings and licence plate numbers of both vehicles have been censored as per Google policies.