Sliced tweeted the following graphic today that shows a steady decline in Slice’s estimates Apple Watch online sales since the device launched.

Besides slowing sales, Apple may be faced with an even bigger issue: customers already growing exhausted of the Apple Watch.

Consumer interest in the Apple Watch may have dwindled significantly since the wearable was launched in April, claims new market research data. Unfortunately, it’s not quite “ticking” with its user base, as sales have plunged a whopping 90% since the watch’s opening week. As for the luxurious Apple Watch Edition, which is made out of 18-karat gold and costs at least $10,000, Slice Intelligence says that fewer than 2,000 units have been sold in the U.S. – not exactly an impressive number.

The Apple Watch got off to a hot start when it went on sale in April, but since then, things have not been so great.

The bulk of sales are also coming from the entry level Apple Watch Sport, which starts at $350.

The Apple Watch is likely to provide a nice incremental boost to Apple’s sales and earnings in the June quarter.

The Apple Watch is the first completely new category of product from Apple since the death of the company’s visionary co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs in October 2011.

Its early days yet on the Apple Watch, but investors may have reason to be cautious. Last month, Business Insider writer Jay Yarow wrote an article titled “I Bought an Apple Watch Immediately, but After a Month I’m Done”.

Apple has remained quiet when it comes to sales numbers for the Apple Watch.

Apple’s third-quarter results are due out on July 21 at 2 PM PST.

The data may not be ideal, but it backs up what some Wall Street analysts have previously said about the Apple Watch.