According to the experts of Facebook they suggest that they should always login using their social account as this would allow them to continue all types of conversation on various devices.

Facebook wants to make Messenger appeal to as many people as possible, so, last month, it announced that it will no longer require new users to have a Facebook account in order to use its increasingly popular messaging service. People without a Facebook account will probably be required to log in utilizing a full identify and telephone quantity. Users will see an option asks, “Not on Facebook?” on the welcome screen of the Messenger app. After entering in their name, number and adding a photo, non-Facebook users will now be able to fully take advantage of the messaging app.

“For those who have Facebook accounts, there are many benefits to using your Facebook credentials when signing up for Messenger”.

This is an application which is welcomed by all users.

The company is further expanding its Messenger app by looking at ways for third-party developers to use the platform to offer content and information.

Facebook Messenger, the Facebook native Messenger app which has been downloaded more than Facebook app itself, which tells you the idea about how popular this app is.