Either way, the addition of the number “2” to the mad Birds title shouldn’t be underestimated.

It seems an age since mad Birds first rose to prominence as the best-selling mobile game going. In total, Rovio has racked up three billion downloads.

Original story: mad Birds 2, the true sequel to 2009’s monster hit, is finally happening, a press invite sent out by Rovio has revealed.

So, if you haven’t already had enough of raging Birds and its various incarnations, then look forward to July 30. Players can get console quality games on the go, and simply offering more of the same, however well repackaged, may lead Rovio to struggle – and given it saw a 73 percent fall in profits previous year, that’s something it can ill-afford. The “Angry Birds” franchise now encompasses a sprawling collection of spin-offs and licensed titles, all of which could rightfully be considered sequels to the original game from 2009.

Mad Birds 2 could prove to be far more important to Rovio’s future than the company is letting on.

Mad Birds is getting a sequel.

Rovio’s revenues have seen a considerable increase between 2010 and 2012, but flattened in 2013 and felt in 2014.

More will be unveiled on 28 July 2015, when the gameplay will be officially announced in San Francisco.

No other details are now available regarding the highly anticipated mad Birds 2 sequel, but the big announcement is just around the corner.