The feature reportedly allows users to interact visually with their voicemail messages.

But the feature does not appear to work on all carriers just yet, Android Police reported.

Google’s newly announcedAndroid M operating system is not yet released to the public but, according to reports of the tech site Android Police, it will carry a built-in dialer app with visual voicemail features. Well, the Googler in question specifically called out T-Mobile U.S. as a carrier that will be included in this visual voicemail support when it launches to the public. Currently, only Orange in France and T-Mobile in the USA have applied for the service. We can see the new tab on the right side of the dialler app. Users can see a list of their voicemails, each divided into individual cards. The OG Apple iPhone, back in 2007, was the first handset to offer Visual Voicemail. This is the visual voicemail.

One thing Google still hasn’t revealed, however, is the cavity-inducing name of Android M, which is reportedly known as Macadamia Nut Cookie internally, but will likely get a shorter formal name (Marshmallow?). A Google employee writes that a “basic implementation” of visual voicemail is already present in the developer preview and that it’ll be available in the final M release this fall.

Android may be ahead of its time, but that doesn’t it’s a ideal mobile OS. Voicemail transcriptions are also supported natively, but only if “the carrier chooses to provide them”, which none now do – don’t expect to use Google Voice transcriptions either.