Amy Schumer told Glamour recently that being a feminist is not a vocation for her. #Trainwreck star @amyschumer on the cover of GQ’s new Comedy Issue. Well, that’s not what the movie was for me. I mean, you know, the biggest comedian of all time is Lucille Ball.

An aside: The film does a good job with journalism ethics, especially an explanation of how “off the record” really works (you have to agree to it up front).

The supporting cast of “Trainwreck” is fantastic, and widely consists of the people who would normally perform with Schumer at 1:00 AM on a Thursday night at the Comedy Cellar. And so begins a romance, with Amy trying to ignore her father’s words of warning.

JB: Is it different to hear a woman talking so blatantly about sex as opposed to a man? Yes, she’s amusing when she needs to be, she’s crude when the moment calls for it, but there are some really deep moments in this film, and Schumer nails every one of them.

The sexy shoot – which featured Schumer posing suggestively with likenesses of C-3PO, R2-D2 and other Star Wars characters – was all in good fun, but some Star Wars fans took to social media to express outrage. You might not love her character at first, but “slowly, Schumer develops from parody-persona into an emotionally resonant character who managed to make me cry twice”, she writes. Meanwhile, she writes for S’nuff, a men’s lifestyle magazine that makes Maxim look like The New Yorker.

There’s sentiment, even borderline sentimentality, in her performance, but no warmth or generosity. I’m not sure what this trio was hired to do, however, as it appears nothing was left on the cutting room floor. She also has a muscle-bound boyfriend (a scene-stealing ) but cheats on him with some guys she frankly sometimes can’t remember – or at least recall how she wound up in their apartment. She and Kaling were have a “bread-off” to see who could not care about Hollywood and eat the most bread when Couric got up to greet her husband, who had just arrived at the event.

The four-time National Basteball Association MVP plays a version of himself in the movie “Trainwreck“.

TMS: Had you ever met with Judd about other roles before this film came to you? Tilda Swinton is almost unrecognizable as Amy’s mad and insensitive boss and Colin Quinn is both amusing and crude playing her disturbing father figure.

Bill Hader is exhausted, and for the life of me I can’t blame him. He was smooth in The Skeleton Twins and that trend continues here with his role of the famous doctor that falls for the train wreck girl. All in all, this is the type of movie for anyone who wants to have a good laugh. There is also a large dose of drama and some over-the-top dumb stuff too.