Finally, as the interview begins to wrap, Tilley asked about Schumer’s future plans to which she responded with the most sarcasm: “I want to do whatever I have to do to get another interview with you again”.

Other celebrities also took to their Twitter commenting on the shooting, including Patton Oswalt, Sam Smith and Kevin Smith who wrote, “Terrible news out of LAYFAYETTE: gunman opens fire in movie theater”.

The 34-year-old actress met with two Australian radio hosts, Matt Tilley and Jane Hall, of KIIS 101.1, to talk about her film, “Trainwreck“, but things went sour when discussing the costumes in the movie. If it wasn’t obvious, dropping the word “skanky” around a comedian who’s spent her career championing gender equality by confronting pejorative labels, like “skanky”, will earn you an eternal stay on her shit-list. Apparently he was not familiar with her stand up routines or her TV show.

“We do have that word”, she replied.

“That’s a rude question”, Schumer added.

She remarked, “I think you’re wrong”.

But Tilley prefaced his question by telling Schumer he wasn’t trying to offend her so everything’s okay, right? The lucky victor was Adam Fein, the CEO of Drug Channels Institute.

You’ve seen her on billboards, television programs and magazines.