A spokesman told us, “High quality listening, minimal fuss”. That’s so you and a pal can listen to music together without the need for a cable splitter. “Join the revolution”. If successful, the phone will be extended to other European markets and to the United States next year. The company will also give you customised headphones from its own stock. Each with an independent volume control.

In the cult spoor film Spinal Tap, the amps were even created in a special edition with volume knobs that went to 11 to give the band “one louder”.

The London, which is coated on its back with the company’s signature ruggedized leatherette, boasts two stereo headphone jacks. Basically, you will be able to control your music on top of whatever else you have on your screen. Thought-leaders from the biggest brands and most disruptive companies will share winning growth strategies on the most pressing challenges marketing leaders face today.

That’s not it for audio features as Marshall has fitted the London with Wolfson WM8281 Audio Hub. Additionally, it lets users play uncompressed music such as FLAC format.

GQ got a chance to try out at their launch event at the One Mayfair, sandwiched between performances of Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols and an appearance by Mick Jones of The Clash. The gold bits – headphone ports, m button and scroll wheel – are all made of brass. Custom apps will help players record music more easily, while another app will combine music sources such as streaming services and personal music libraries for better accessibility.

The Marshall London will come with the Marshall Mode in-ear earphones, set to be available in 22 countries. You’re welcome. (Also it stands for Marshall, get it?). The phone also features a matte black surface “similar to the skin” of Marshall amps which is said to offer a better grip in your hands. As stated by Wired, the mobile is loaded with music-listener specific modifications.

There are dual 3.5mm audio outs, so you and a buddy can bump along to Buddy Holly, while two microphones allow users to adequate tune their musical equipment.