Amandla Stenberg Slams Kylie Jenner Over Cornrows, and the comment Jenner shot back was definitely not a nice one!

Stenberg then took to her own social media outlets to elaborate on the point she was making and did so beautifully.

Kylie Jenner’s cornrows sparked a heated, racially charged debate over the weekend.

Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg, 16, took to Twitter on Sunday evening, July 12, to wax philosophical on cultural appropriation and gender double standards, just one day after she made headlines for her Instagram feud with Kylie Jenner.

Stenberg has previously spoken out against cultural appropriation.

Akhuetie, whose mother is Nigerian, said she liked the idea of these styles going across races and ethnicities, despite some negative comments from black people.

Smith was good friends with Jenner in the past and recently escorted Stenberg to prom. She included in the video that Miley Cyrus used black women as props for promoting her celebrity status.

The youngest of the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” clan, posted a mirror selfie showing off her toned abs and her hair in cornrows Saturday. Girls across the country joined in on the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge to make their lips more plump – leading black women to post photos of their natural features, which have been ridiculed in the past.

Hence the diss on Kylie Jenner’s behalf.

At a time where racial tensions have reached heights that haven’t been seen in nearly 50 years, it’s time to think about what messages people with a platform are sending when they just grab something from another culture because it looks cool.

The actress accused the reality star of “appropriating black culture” after she showed off her braided locks to fans.