“With respect to the Medal of Freedom”, Mr. Obama said, “there’s no precedent for revoking a medal”.

The leader of a sexual assault awareness group that has urged the White House to revoke Cosby’s medal expressed disappointment in the president’s statement.

Real-estate developer Donald Trump recently said that he thinks embattled comedian Bill Cosby looks “guilty as hell” as he faces sexual misconduct accusations from a myriad of women.

Feeling content and confident after addressing the slew of questions on Iran, Obama carried his “loose” attitude into a question on a totally different topic: Bill Cosby.

Earlier this month, details of a 2005 lawsuit were revealed that showed that Cosby admitted to getting prescription Quaaludes to give to women he wanted to have sex with. The legendary comedian has been accused of drugging and raping dozens of women.

Florida based criminal defense attorney Mark O’Mara, who successfully represented George Zimmerman in the 2013 Trayvon Martin murder trial, said Mr. Cosby should voluntarily return the medal.

President Barack Obama gave his two cents on the issue of rape. “It is important, however, that a mechanism be created to revoke the Medal of Freedom if the recipient brings dishonor upon our nation’s highest honor”.

“That award is the most prestigious and honorary award that you can achieve and earn”, Barbara Bowman, a PAVE ambassador, told The Hill.

He then added, “I’ll say this…”

DONALD TRUMP sat down with CUMULUS MEDIA News/Talk WABC-A (77)/NEW YORK host RITA COSBY for a typically provocative interview in which he called for a boycott of MEXICO and insisted BILL COSBY (no relation) “was guilty as hell”.

The president chose to comment on the allegations because “he has zero tolerance for rape”, Valerie Jarrett, a senior White House adviser, said in an e-mail to Bloomberg after the news conference.

Maybe Peyser is just trolling us, and wants to see a mess of counter-posts from mad Feminists™ disputing her little claims that The Cos is just a garden variety lecher. While the statute of limitation on that alleged rape has run out, Dickinson’s defamation charge could be one Cosby will have to defend in a court of law, given his admission in the 10-year-old deposition.