Yeah, we can’t have a show without those guys. People are in different positions, and not everyone is in New York anymore.

Needless to say, no matter which side of the great Dubsmash battle you found yourself on, one thing is perfectly clear: the casts of Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD are awesome. “That’s a huge part of it”.

Hayley Atwell called in a favor from her “Captain America” co-star Chris Evans to fire back against the “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” cast in their ongoing Dubsmash war.

As we all could have guessed, Atwell wasn’t too thrilled about Gregg’s depiction of her character and it looked like she had admitted defeat for a while. But as it happens, Atwell was just biding her time before she could bring out the big guns, or should we say big shield… “A lot of “40s defense contractors were out here so it’s like, ‘OK, Howard has moved to California to do that on a contract with the government, and he’s going to open a movie studio””. As she and D’Arcy talked about their successful video, Evans grabbed Atwell and pulled her in for a sweeping kiss while D’Arcy stood by the wall with a message that read, “Nobody Puts Jarvis In The Corner”.

The Agent Carter team also offered further details about the arrival of Jarvis’s wife Anna, with Dingess saying: “We’ll establish some new relationships by introducing people like Anna Jarvis, and I think existing relationships that Peggy has with different characters will become more complicated”.

“She may be actually your mother or something really unhealthy”. “I think they were genuinely toying with the possibility she was always going to be an off screen voice”. “Don’t worry, you guys, I TOTALLY lost it afterwards”, she revealed.

Moreover, Peggy will have three love interests in this season.

But behind the scenes, the actors who portray the MCU characters on TV were having just as much fun as their fans!