“There is considered one new case”.

The deceased from Montserrado County, which contains Monrovia, is thought to be linked to the other 5 cases from neighboring Margibi County, where the disease reemerged.

Dr. Kateh, who is also the Chief Medical Officer of the Country and Deputy Incident Manager, said that the deceased had been taking drugs to lower his temperature, but later died as the condition worsened.

Health officials say the Ebola virus may be acquired through direct contact with the blood of an Ebola patient or other body fluids.

The State Department urged travelers to consult the U.S. Department of Homeland Security website for the most up-to-date information regarding enhanced screening procedures at five US airports (Newark, New York JFK, O’Hare, Atlanta, and Dulles) for all people entering the United States from or who have traveled through the Ebola-affected countries. “We have six confirmed cases in Liberia – two are already dead”, he said.

The strain that re-surfaced in Liberia does not appear to genetically similar to those in Sierra Leona and Guinea, suggesting the new infections are the not the result of cross-border contamination.

“Ebola is no longer confined to Margibi County“.

The World Health Organization declared Liberia Ebola-free on May 9 because 42 days had passed-twice the known 21-day period of incubation for the virus-since a previous infection.

With this, the cause of the Ebola resurgence in Liberia is narrowed down to a source within the country, crossing out viruses that may have been brought in by travelers from Sierra Leone or Guinea, where the disease is still hanging on.

The study, recently published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, looked at how the vaccination delivered directly to the respiratory tract, in the form of liquid or aerosol, compares to an injectible Ebola vaccine. However, a substantial proportion of cases (7 of 30: “23 percent ) continue to be identified as Ebola-positive only after post-mortem testing”.

Liberia lost 4,800 lives to Ebola before the disease was contained in May.

Since late 2013 when this epidemic began, there have been 27,600 Ebola cases, including more than 11,000 deaths.

“The protocol we established a while ago seemed to be effective, so we are just following that protocol”, Salloum said, referring to the current cases.