Hollywood, American television, and much of the rest of pop culture has embraced the gay rights agenda for decades.

20th Century Fox confirmed it had bought the life rights of Jim Obergefell, the plaintiff in Supreme Court case Obergefell v Hodges.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch says the government will make federal marriage benefits available to same-sex couples following a Supreme Court marriage.html”>decision last month that legalized same-sex marriage. Fox’s reaction to the Obergefell decision is a preview of what we can expect from the network now that marriage equality is the law of the land – using “religious freedom” as their new rallying cry in the fight against LGBT equality.

Wyck Godfrey (The Fault in Our Stars), who will produce the film along with Marty Bowen, told The Times, “It’s a transcendent love story about someone who goes to such a length for love that he ends up changing the world”. Fox 2000 will next work to find a screenwriter to collaborate with Mr. Obergefell and Ms. Cenziper.

Obergefell was married to John Arthur, his longtime partner, from 2013 until the time of his passing that same year. State authorities refused to name Mr. Obergefell as the deceased man’s spouse on this death certificate, prompting the estate agent to sue them, launching a lawsuit which eventually travelled all the way to highest court in the United States. She described the book as “a wonderful story“, adding “I feel privileged to have him trust me to help tell it in a narrative nonfiction book”.