According to reports that’s exactly what is about to happen. Their families have also bonded over the shocking news.

LOUIS Tomlinson’s mother told his ex-girlfriend that he is expecting a child.

The One Direction star was spotted boarding a private jet, just over 24 hours after it emerged that he is expecting a baby with with stylist Briana Jungwirth. In another shot, she looked all smiles as she enjoyed cocktails at the swanky open aired Skybar in the Mondrian Hotel.

The couple, who’s not in a relationship, is also reportedly picking out baby names. He’s definitely going to be there and be a great dad for their baby. Cormac Dowling, Novelties and Politics Trader of Betfair, gave their predictions to the British celebrity gossip site.

We’ve learned Louis snuck away last month from One Direction’s “On the Road Again” tour and flew to meet Briana Jungwirth’s mom. Louis is reportedly preparing to buy a home in California so it will be close to Briana and their future child.

As a qualified midwife, Louis’ mum Johannah has already been a huge help to the mother of her first grandchild, with a source telling the newspaper: “Johannah is bursting with pride of having her first grandchild and doesn’t want to miss a single moment, which will be quite hard given the trans-Atlantic distance between where the two families live”. Of all his band mates, Niall is the favourite to provide the namesake at 20/1.

Louis Tomlinson’s mum has already “met” her future grandchild – she went to see Briana Jungwirth at her latest ultrasound!

The source said: “Eleanor knows and she’s fine”. It appears the objective of the visit…to either break the news about Briana’s pregnancy or get her seal of approval. “It’s early days and Briana and the baby’s health are the most important things right now”.